Artist Brandon Schaefer

2022 Workshop 3

August 1, 2022

Sketching & Drawing – The Foundation of All Art

Discover the world of sketching and drawing; the foundation of creating any type of art. Together we will learn the fundamentals, which will help you grow in confidence while deepening your knowledge and understanding of sketching & drawing. You will learn about values, shading and how to create more realistic drawings.

Fox drawing by Brandon Schaefer
Artwork by Brandon Schaefer

Started Aug 1st, 2022

Lesson 1: Materials, Using the Materials, and Simple Lines & Shapes


In this lesson we will be learning about all the materials you will need to start sketching and drawing in your sketchbook. Try to simplify your materials as much as possible and only use what is necessary for you. It's easy to become overwhelmed by an excess of materials, so it's best to avoid this if possible and keep it simple. We'll practice making different types of lines, shapes and forms to prepare for future sketches and drawings.

Started Aug 8th, 2022

Lesson 2: Blocking-in Methods and Simplifying Objects


In this video we will learn a few different methods for beginning a drawing and how to block-in our subject on the page. This stage of the drawing process is one of the most important to understand and practice a lot. The better you become at this stage of drawing, the easier the rest of the drawing process becomes. We will also learn about simplifying objects.

Started Aug 15th, 2022

Lesson 3: Proportions, Measuring Techniques, & Values


In this lesson we will learn all about proportions and how to create more accurate drawings. We will use the block-in methods from Lesson 2 and use measuring techniques and proportions to make our block-ins more accurate and realistic. Lastly, we will learn some simple shading techniques to bring our drawings to life.

Started Aug 22nd, 2022

Lesson 4: Drawing a Simplified Portrait from a Painting


In this video we will put together all of the lessons from the previous videos and create a final sketch or drawing. We will incorporate lines, shapes, blocking-in, proportions, and shading. Please take your time on this stage and try it as many times as you can. Sometimes it can take multiple attempts to get the desired outcome we are looking for. Practice will only make your drawing better.

Workshop 3 Supply List


Strathmore Toned Tan Sketchbook

Strathmore Toned Tan Sketchbook 80lb/118gsm • medium surface - P412-5 (5.5 x 8.5") or P412-9 (9 x 12")


Lyra Graduate Graphite Pencil

Lyra Graduate Graphite Pencil - Set of 12 - L1171120

Lyra Sandpaper Block

Lyra Sandpaper Block - L2091507

Lyra Rembrandt White Pastel Pencil

Lyra Rembrandt White Pastel Pencil - L2052001

Lyra Kneadable Eraser

Lyra Kneadable Eraser - L2091467

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Topic: Lesson 1 Questions

Thank you for joining us! Ask any questions you may have about Brandon's week 1 lesson.
t k
I'm not seeing a ideo. is there one for lesson 1
what is the best way to sharpened the white pastel pencil?
I had fun playing with the supplies I have. Nancy Johnson
I'm looking for the white pastel pencils. On the barrel it says "oil" on the one and "dry" on the other. Where can these be purchased? MaryAnn
i got mine at michaels, they are General's white charcoal and came in a 2 pack. Go in a regular sharpener. Am sure what the teacher is using is better but these work ok.
Hi emmay, the best way to sharpen the white pencil is to just use a regular pencil sharpener. Then if needed, I found it helpful to use the sandpaper block to get the point a little more sharp. Let me know if that helps :)
That's a great start Nancy, thanks for sharing those photos :) I hope you learned a bit from the materials by experimenting like that. Glad to see something like this!
Hi MaryAnn, you definitely want a dry white pastel pencil and not oil. I would check your local art store or do a search online for Lyra Rembrandt White Pastel Pencil - L2052001. I'm sure you will find a link for purchase there :)