Topic: Week 4 Questions and Discussion

Welcome to our final workshop 2 lesson! Ask anything about lesson 4 here.

I loved these botanical illustration classes. Please add more to next year’s agenda.
great suggestion! more these classes please @Strathmore
I really enjoyed the entire workshop! Now I want to apply the techniques to flowers from my own garden. Thank You!!!
I really enjoyed all the layering of colors you taught! I’m tempted to give this another dark background like you showed us in the plumeria lesson…..will think on it. Thank you so much for your time and creative energy! It was much appreciated!
Thank you all for joining the lessons! Glad you enjoyed painting with me, looking forward to seeing you in my future classes! Great Job all! ❤️
Hi Vivian! Super love the details in your painting, excited to see your version with gouache background <3
Ok I added the background. Thanks for all your inspiration!