Topic: Week 1 Questions and Discussion

Welcome to the first lesson in our second workshop. We're glad to have you join us. Feel free to ask anything about lesson one here.
Question: Are there templates for the drawings?
Hi Kathy, Here is a sketch that you can use for your line art :)
What do we use the gauche called for in this lesson for?
Hi Robin, actually you can use either Watercolor or Gouache for this kind of illustration. I've just shown in the video how I use Sap Green Gouache paint - can also act as Watercolor by diluting it.
Thank you for the fun class. Your instructions were clear and the pace was just right. For the additional leaves examples near the end, do you also have templates available?
Excellent beginner explanation/demo of gradient and negative painting. Now if I can only get my hand eye cordination to work. . .
Hi Facets, you can try out these sketches. I also sent an artwork of mine for your reference :)
Sample Artwork
Hi Leslie! Thank you! Looking forward to see you class output ❤️
Thanks for the additional sketches and art work sample 😊
Thank you for this lesson. It was tedious but paid off! Using two brushes simultaneously was a new technique for me and worked well. And the artist in me always loves to simply spend an afternoon painting!
Hi Vivian! This is too pretty! Thank you for watching the class ❤️