Topic: Supply List Questions

Any questions about supplies? Feel freer to ask here.
I have the Strathmore papers and the Princeton brushes and some watercolors that might work as subs for the Maimeriblu paints. But I don't have any gouache for the Plumeria lesson, will acrylics work?
Hi Facets, If you don't have any gouache paints, you can just use watercolor but make the mixtures thicker. Mixture should be composed of 90% pigment and 10% water. In this way, you'd get to create a cream-like texture that would allow you to paint opaque mixtures instead of transparent :)
Salamat. I will try the thicker mix.
Thank you Facets! Hope you enjoy the class! :)
Am really enjoying your lessons. One material question, where did you get your pallet? It's so much smaller than the one I have and would waste a lot less paint. Thank you.
Never mind, I found it at Jackson. Thank you