Artist Sam Gillett

2024 Workshop 3

Drawing Imaginary Scenes in Ink + Color

Starting August 5, 2024
Join pen and ink artist and illustrator Sam Gillett in crafting immersive drawings with pens and paints. Using pens, markers, acrylic inks and watercolor washes, you’ll learn how to draw four magical scenes showcasing misty castles, a cozy greenhouse and more. In these lessons, Sam will detail how he uses perspective, simple line techniques, shading and details to make ink illustrations pop on paper. He’ll also provide the option of adding dashes of color for a finishing touch on each project.

Workshop 3 Drawing Example
Artwork by Sam Gillett

Starting August 5th, 2024

Lesson 1: - Draw a Boat in Ink and Acrylic Paints

Starting August 12th, 2024

Lesson 2: Draw a Fantastical Castle with Ink and Watercolor

Starting August 19th, 2024

Lesson 3: Draw a Cute Cabin in an Evergreen Forest in Ink

Starting August 26th, 2023

Lesson 4: Draw an Imaginary Greenhouse in Ink

Workshop 1 Supply List - Coming Soon

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The gallery will be available when Workshop 3 starts on August 5th.