Topic: Supply List

Is there a substitute for Lyra Graduate Mark All pens? I am unable to locate the exact pens. Thank you.
I found the 2mm 8 pack of the 8 Lyra Graduate Mark All pens at Art Supply Warehouse (California, US.) Amazon (US) has a 12 pack with more colors in the 2mm size, but not the 8 pack.
Thank you Holly. I went to Art Supply Warehouse and they are out of stock.
Hi Brenda! Sorry it took me a while to get back to this - to be honest the other brand I have experience with is an Australian one so I suspect may not be available where you are (Micador), however Posca may be a very suitable substitute and are readily available everywhere!
I was able to find Sharpie Creative Markers - Acrylic. I hope this will work for the class project. I ordered them before your suggestionof Posca. Thank you for your reply.
Would All-Purpose Ink applied with a brush be a reasonable substitute for the Mark-All pens in these projects?
Hey Kathy, Yes - possibly! I’m unfamiliar with the product though - are the inks opaque? I can also suggest a gouache applied with a brush would be a good substitute. The idea is that we have a crisp and opaque wet media at our disposal for sharp overlay details - the Lyra Graduate markers are just one way to achieve that :)