Topic: Sealant?

Are you using a workable fixative at any point in the development of the Jupiter image? Also, are you using a final sealant at the end of the picture? You make no mention of either, but it seems to me that you would, of necessity, be using both. Thank you.
Hi Robin! Great question. I actually overlooked discussing this important material in the first video, but I do address it in one of the later lessons. I did not use a workable matt fixative while creating the Jupiter illustration however it would be entirely appropriate to use it, given the pastels. Often I find I don’t need to use any if it’s only a small illustration, and I’m applying layers lightly, and the paper isn’t getting too congested with media. On finishing sealer: Usually I will use a matt sealer to finish artworks before they’re framed, this step just didn’t make it into these workshops.