Topic: Lesson 3 - Questions and Discussion

Hi everyone! Hoping you enjoyed Week 3 - it was a fun little lesson on my end. Feel free to post your Lesson 3 questions up here.
Hi and thanks for a great workshop. In this lesson you mentioned using matte fixative spray during the process. I'm new to polycolor pencils, so can you explain what would prompt you to use the spray in the middle of the project?
What pencil sharpener do you use to produce such a beautiful point on your pencils?
May I ask a question about your color choices here? I'm rather new to this, and the choice of violet was a surprise to me . . . but it obviously works perfectly. Did you have a color theory reason for the violet, or was the choice more intuitive, or based on experimentation/experience with similar images? Thank you!
Hi Kathy - thanks for joining the workshop and fair question! To be honest this struck me as important to mention after already filming the first couple of lessons, so I just wanted to tuck the message in for those who would find it useful in a more general sense. They’re particularly relevant when using soft pastels, as we do in this lesson. But they can also be useful if you tend towards a heavier touch with your pencils - some brands congest the paper a bit, making it difficult to layer more over. (I didn’t find this with the Lyras, but still thought it was worth mentioning.)
Hey Jenni - I’m using a long point sharpener for that! Many brands available online. Mine is an Asmix.
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Here's my attempt. I used Golden Fluid Acrylics for the highlights/accents toward the end, rather than the marker pens. Amazing how metallic it looks!
Thank you Georgina for doing these lessons, your work is very admirable and beautiful I have enjoyed learning about the process of using mixed media. I don't know why but I had some trouble layering. I tried using a light touch. But working on the paper was like working on thick folded newspaper. I will keep trying to get used to the paper. Using the grey tone was a bit of a challenge too. My work looks very messy! I did not have the exact pencils and I used gouache paint instead of the white pen. I am now not afraid to keep experimenting with mixed media thanks to your lessons. So from Qld. Aust. I wish you al the best