Topic: Topic: Lesson 3 - Experimental Animal Sketches, Your Questions

Hi friends, I created this thread for all your questions regarding the lesson 3 (Experimental animal sketches). Feel free to comment here, ask anything that might still puzzle you about the technique. I’d also love to hear how your paintings turned out :) Don't forget, you can take a quick photo of your work and share it here as well, along with your comment / question. Jane
Hi Jane Love your art and your methods! Please feel free to critique my effort on the baby ellie. Thanks for an awesome lesson!
Hi there, many thanks for sharing your sketchbook piece, I think it turned out just fine. For more contrast, you can try applying even darker color to the shadows, but in very small areas to make the rest of the elephant pop. Feel free to experiment and try out different approaches and mostly - have fun with your process :)
Thanks for the advice Jane! Will do ;) Regards Fantine