Topic: Lesson 2 - Watercolor Landscapes, Your Questions

Hi friends, I created this thread for all your questions regarding the lesson 2 (Watercolor landscapes). Feel free to comment here, ask anything that might still puzzle you about the technique. I’d also love to hear how your paintings turned out :) Also, don't forget that you can take a quick photo of your work and share it here as well, along with your comment / question. Jane
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Hi Jane, Another great lesson--you pack an incredible amount into each one! Still need to do the Santorini (looking forward to that, I've always wanted to try to capture that sort of light). Here are my Magical Forest and Lavender Fields. I did them fairly quickly, trying to learn the points you were trying to make and not spending as much time on nuance as I would for a "full" painting. The salt does amazing things! And I agree, Dragon's Blood has to be the best name for a pigment EVER. I have Sennelier and Holbien watercolors, so I don't have Dragon's Blood. Awesome name, great color! I notice you use a lot of water. It rolls down the page when I use that much. When using that much water, what's the best strategy for capturing it before it gets all over the table? I have used tissues and sometimes if they touch the painting, they mess up the paint in that spot. Is there a better way? Thanks so much! Lisa
Hi Lisa, thanks to a lovely comment - it's so nice to see your works! Glad you enjoyed the salt effect, it turned out great, especially on your Magical forest painting. To answer your question about water control, I let it run on the table often, I always paint with tilted sketchbook so that the excess runs down. I wipe it with paper towels (on the table) but when there are pools of water still on the sketchbook page, I remove the excess with damp brush, you can also use a tiny pipette. Hope this helps :)
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Finally got to the Santorini. I need to do this again, but here is my first effort. My cool shadows are a bit too green (I was working in bad light), but I still learned a lot. Part of it is how to pick and choose details and not get lost in that. I really love the light gradation on the main tower. That is the look I was trying for. Thank you! Working on the lion right now, but it's in the ugly duckling stage...
Hi Lisa, again thanks so much for your efforts and sharing your sketch with us - I am glad the class gave you some good points to try out. Looking forward to the lion!