Topic: Workshop 3 Lesson 3: Painting a Portrait with Watercolors-Discussion thread

Hey everyone! You can post questions about lesson 3 on this thread. Welcome to my workshop!
I drew this freehand, and I didn't get the portrait quite right. But it was fun playing with these colors--definitely a different palette than what I would normally go for, and good to get out of my comfort zone! Thanks again for a great lesson. These have been awesome. -James
I am terrified of doing portraits in watercolor. Please critique. I love how good her hair looks compared to how I would have done it without your help! Thanks for giving me a Kickstart ;)
@James it looks awesome! and the colors are bright and vibrant, even the dark ones for the hair! That was one thing I struggled with when I was starting out and I think you got that perfectly.
@Fantinepantine both of your portraits look good! as for advice on watercolors, I think yours have a nice and even laydown of colors which is great in its own way. There's no one way to do watercolors. If you want to try different textures, you can paint the features individually and let the layers dry in between , this really gives you a different look and it also shows the transparent quality to watercolors that is special to the medium. You can also let the edges dry and not blend them out , i think that makes interesting shapes on the face.
Thanks for your kind words, Hazylle. I will certainly follow your advice, and attempt this lesson a 2nd, and maybe a 3rd, etc., time, until I get the idea, and it starts coming naturally!