Topic: Workshop 3 Lesson 1: Portrait Sketching – The Structures of the Head

Welcome to workshop three! Discus anything related to the lesson one here.
How do you pick a good reference photo to practice more portrait drawing?
Here's what I've got so far... I did a lot of erasing--I kept shortening and shortening her chin! -James
Hi @Emily! This is a great question! I think the best photos are the ones that show most of the structure of the head, not just looking straight on. Like the one I chose for this lesson, it shows the side of the head where it's not fully round and also a bit of the curves of her profile too. Some extreme poses with the camera angles looking at the model from high up or down low are also great for practice because it helps you pinpoint the parts of the face that you don't normally notice and makes you notice the structures that make it more.
@James you did an amazing job! The chin has always been a problem for me and I found that it's easier to draw the structure of the face first before drawing the lips because I sometimes make the lips too big and not leave enough room for her chin! It's also actually a really good sign that you keep on erasing and correcting, that means you're paying attention to your reference photo. Sometimes I don't even notice my mistakes until a while when I look at my drawings again. -Hazylle
Will you be making suggestions on the gallery submissions?
Hi @Pamela! I can't see the user names of people who post on the gallery but I can see them if you post them directly on the discussion board! If you are looking for suggestions on sketches, it's better if you post them here !