Topic: Workshop 2 Lesson 3: Spontaneous Landscape Painting using the Wet-on-Dry Method

Welcome to Lesson Three. Discus anything related to the lesson here.
Hi Steve, I enjoyed doing the wet on dry exercise also , and found it interesting how the paint behaved when giving it a spray after some paint was already down in comparison with that on the wet on wet technique. With both my second wet on wet attempt and my wet on dry trials I found that they were great before drying them. (leaving aside contrast and value for the moment). However when it came to the next part I found myself adjusting or "fiddling " too much and then the result was an overworked piece. I had trouble incorporating the white spaces nicely in both techniques as well. Anyway I show here y wet on wet second attempt. And my wet on dry.
Excellent study attempts Lotus. You're doing great!