Topic: Workshop 2 Lesson 2: Painting using the Wet-on-Wet Method

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Hi Steve, I had trouble putting my colour in a random way, sounds silly I know. So my approach to my painting when it was dry from the first stage was a bit of a struggle as I had basically 3 blobs of colour with blue in between, so my composition is not nice. My imagination went wild with what I saw on paper as a whole, but I wanted to go with the flow as per instructions to see what evolved. My painting in the end is not attractive to me. Is it worth having further play with the painting or is it a case of "lessons learned in this experiment " and do another? Thanks Lotus
I like it. I know what you mean about applying color randomly. I think you can think compositionally and consider value and contrast, but in an abstract way. Even in the beginning stage, if you see an idea developing you can steer it that way, so in that sense it doesn't have to be completely and utterly random with no thought at all.
Thank you Steve . Okay I will keep in mind value and contrast that is helpful. It must be tricky to teach this subject. Your comments made it easy to understand the process, and answered my questions.:)
Yes, it is a bit tricky. It's difficult to keep away the thought that this is a magic landscape generation process. It's anything but magic. It's also hard to communicate that this is a learning tool first and foremost. The knowledge about watercolor you take away from this process is paramount, not the picture you end up with. Thanks for the kind words.