Topic: Welcome Everyone!

So glad you decided to go through this workshop with me. I'm proud of it and it's a fun process to try. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have.
So excited for this class, Steve! I really enjoy the spontaneous watercolor on Patron and your YouTube channel. Fun, relaxing way to kick off the spring season.
Thanks Paula, glad to hear it!
Thanks for these classes, Steve. You do a great job of describing what's happening, more in depth than your YouTube channel, for good reason. Interesting--there was a point when you showed your first wet-on-dry painting that it reminded me of a commercial wall map I have of the countries of the world, in different colors, and the tendrils creeping across the parts of your painting looked like detail in my map! Great stuff--looking forward to next videos!
Hi Steve! Thanks for these classes. I just ordered some Strathmore 500 and can't wait to get started. I'll be using my Da Vinci Paints. :)
Thanks Jim and Tracy!
Hi Steve, I am really enjoying how this course is going. Pleasantly surprised with my results. Are we going to be continuing with our first practice piece from lesson one when we do the second lesson? Thanks for sharing your time & knowledge with this course.
Hi Steve, Always enjoy your videos and have learned a lot. Looking forward to experimenting with this spontaneous process. Thank you.
Hi Colleen. Not necessarily. You could and I would encourage you do that but lesson 2 will be a completely new piece. Lesson 3 will be yet another. There are so many ways to go about this that I want to demonstrate as many techniques as possible.
Thanks SJS, glad you're enjoying the videos!
Hi Steve, Just found this course. I missed the 1st class. Is there a way to go back and watch past classes in this series? Beth
Hi Beth, You betcha. You can watch any or all of the classes as many times as you want. Steve
Thank you Steve, as always you give such clear and informed advice. Loving these workshops.
Thanks Hilary, glad to hear it!
Hi Steve, newbie here...I see at the start of #2 the paper looks like you have it on an easel at an elevated angle. Should I be working flat on the table and lifting up when i want it to drip down? or keep it elevated the whole time? Lisa from Everton, AR Love your YT videos...I have made a bunch of spontaneous small much fun!!!!