The workshops so far are great. I so appreciate the instructions that I can download. I've watched several of your Youtube channel vids on this technique and you are so right, I just "can't see it" -- yet. I had a thought about laying a painting aside for a few days after the first washes and putting it where I can see it 50 times a day. I think something might emerge. And I might try inverting it. I just discovered the gallery today after watching lesson 2. I hope some of these paintings are reposted when the painter completes them. I'm rambling now but just want to Thank You and please tell the Strathmore folks I've been enjoying the series 500 paper I purchased a few months ago.
Hi Susan - we're so glad you joined our workshops and are enjoying Steve's lessons so far! We're also happy to hear you like the 500 Series Strathmore paper. Enjoy the rest of the classes!
Thanks for the input Susan. Just remember that you don't need to see an entire scene. Just maybe one or two steps further. Take the next step then re-assess. Glad you're enjoying the workshop.
Finally finished my wash a painting from Lesson 3, and it's much more detailed that I know you intended. I've had this waterfall from the UP of Michigan that I took in 2018. Something's still wrong with the water, but I love this process.
Looking good AJTOMMIE! Keep after it.
Thanks so much Steve - real pleasure having a longer look at how to let the watercolor help form the scene. Learned some new tricks and approaches that I will be trying all this summer and beyond!
Excellent to hear Mary Beth. Have fun!