Topic: Lesson 1

Excellent step by step drawing, but, what if my skin is not so pale as yours, which colours to use ? baby skin or mature skin Can you suggest said 2 or more combinations ? for different colour skin Is important specially for a 79 years old skin
Hello Carlos, Yes, at minute 1:30 you'll hear me explain a little about that. The great thing about skin tone, is we all are the same colors- just in different amounts. Using just tan paper, red, white and black pencils (not a great photo) here's an example of a time I drew my hand and the hand of an African American friend of mine.
And about age showing, that's more in catching the details of the hand texture. Don't smooth out pencil strokes as much, and express folds that are apparent. Again, as an extreme example, here's my 101 year old Grandma's hand (using just tan paper, red, white, and black). :)
Used my supplies on hand, it was a fun exercise. I’ve not used red this way it works well, thanks.
Did not have tan paper, but a whole blok of white. Also just used the material I have on hand now. Assume that because the red is more pronounced because of the white paper
I used your example (hand), next step to use my own or somebody's else hand in a different position.